Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Good Friday.

I had great plans to do not very much apart from baking hot cross buns today. However after church this morning we made a little detour to deliver painkillers to a friend who'd injured his back and had no strong painkillers in his house and everything's closed on Good Friday so he was in a predicament. (Yes, you're meant to read that in one breath. I know you'll have to rush the last part because you'll be running out of breath, but that's how I want it read OK?) Anyway, back to the strong painkillers which I had and my friend needed. We delivered them and somehow stayed to help his wife pack their house up for the next 8 hours - moving house is a terrible time for him to do his back in!

Anyway, it's now 10pm and I'm about to pop those hot cross buns in the oven. A little later than expected, but I've had a great Good Friday. Helping someone else move is so much easier than moving yourself! It was enjoyable even.

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