Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas morning birthday thought stream

6 times this day has greeted me without your presence
6 times the sorrow has refused to be absent
In the midst of making a joyful Christmas celebration for your children
It's hard to prepare or take time for grief
The pain has less sharpness now
But its reality defies forgetting you

Family and friends who seldom remembered when you were living
Have no need to remember so far into death
But my heart knows.
I know and weep silent early morning tears

Happy Christmas
Merry Birthday my love.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lack of grief empathy.

Since I'm quite sure I no longer have readers, I feel quite safe in saying that I am going to scream at the next person who tells me they feel life is hardly worth living now that their 90+ year old parent has died. Their 90+ year old parent who has been ill for some time.

A woman told me on the weekend that you don't become an adult until you are an orphan.

Well, I'm no orphan but I sure as hell feel like an adult.

All three women I know in this category have husbands, adult children, good incomes, lavish houses and a complete lack of sympathy from me. Though I do try and say the right things before I excuse myself from the conversation.