Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas morning birthday thought stream

6 times this day has greeted me without your presence
6 times the sorrow has refused to be absent
In the midst of making a joyful Christmas celebration for your children
It's hard to prepare or take time for grief
The pain has less sharpness now
But its reality defies forgetting you

Family and friends who seldom remembered when you were living
Have no need to remember so far into death
But my heart knows.
I know and weep silent early morning tears

Happy Christmas
Merry Birthday my love.


  1. I came by to say Merry Christmas, then read the post and wondered if I should. I am sitting here on the other side of the world with an enormous lump in my throat and my eye blurred with tears. Such a sad post, but so very lovely. Merry Christmas, Maisy.

  2. Awwww, sweetheart. I forgot; I'm sorry.

    Blessings and love to you today.

  3. Thank you my friends. I know that the grief I feel on Christmas Day is mine alone - my children don't feel it. It's just a quirky fact about their Dad that his birthday was Christmas Day. I'm ok with that. It does feel good to have a place to share the pangs of sadness when they hit though.

    We spent the day with good friends. Friends Rob would have loved spending Christmas Day, but friends I may not be as close to if he were not dead.

    Such is life.