Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Only one child left

My Zinnie looked like this a few weeks ago when she graduated high school.

Today she turns 18. Legally an adult, required to vote, free to choose to drink alcohol and be in licensed premises. I bought her 18 long stemmed roses. 12 red, 6 white, partly because we're hosting a cocktail party tomorrow night to celebrate her birthday which will be decorated in white, red and black. Partly because for 6 years her Dad's love has been sent from heaven rather than lived out here on earth.

It's amazing what great parenting strides can be made by getting through 10 minutes at a time, breathing, and stepping gently into the next moment.

My girl is ready to spread her wings and I am thrilled - however crazily that makes the butterflies in my stomach flutter and my heart constrict!


  1. Lovely girl, lovely
    flowers mark the years gone by.
    Gently now. Lovely.

  2. As the mother of a daughter who met those same milestones not too long ago, I understand both the joy and the angst. You have done a wonderful job, and your daughter is beautiful. When she spreads her wings I hope she is like my girl... flying away to meet her dreams but returning frequently to flutter around you. :)

  3. My youngest turns 18 this summer. I've been through this twice before, but I still find it startling how quickly they turn from children into young adults, particularly the girls. Phew. Unlike her two older siblings, this one plans on living at home through university. It's probably because she's my youngest, but I'm delighted. :)