Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snarking at the elderly

Dropped 16 year old daughter Zinni at work just before 9 am. I thought I'd duck in and get my grocery shopping done before the crowds were up and about. (It's school holidays and I live in a tourist town.)

Great thinking, except I forgot to factor in the retired population of this town.

What is it about old people that makes them think they have the right of way all the time, that anyone younger than 60 should move aside for them, regardless of the inconvenience. Conversely why is it all right for them to stop their trolley in the middle of the aisle so that no-one can pass? Why is it they will not notice that several people with their trollies are waiting politely for their way to be made clear either side of them and yet they will notice in great detail the barefeet and inappropriate tattoo on the teenage surfer chick who cruises past with ease because she doesn't need a trolley for her single pot of natural yoghurt?

I don't mind old people, in fact I aspire to become one. I hope I don't lose all sense of common courtesy when I do.


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