Thursday, April 30, 2009

The very best

I rang a friend tonight to check up on her. Her husband works away for weeks at a time and she has 5 boys, 3 of whom are teenagers. The eldest 2 are 17 and 15, with very opposite personalities, and are currently getting on each others nerves. I know they had a bit of a blow up a day or two ago, so I wanted to check in with her. After listening to how things were going, I commented that her situation was a lot like single parenting. Her response was swift "This is nothing like single parenting. Kel's coming home for a week in a few days time, and I talk the issues over with him every night on the phone. When he's home he'll spend time with the boys, he'll fix the things around the house that need fixing and I won't have to organise anything to make that happen. No. No. NO. This is totally not single parenting."

Nella is the best kind of friend. The very best.


1 comment:

  1. Lucky you to have such a friend.

    I am so tired of hearing my friend's whose husbands travel a lot that they know just how hard it is for me. Ummm... no, they don't. For starters, their kids talk to their dad on the phone every night.

    I'm glad you have such a friend.

    -- Pentha