Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I wonder where my ability to do nothing without guilt has gone?

Today I have played guitar hero with my son, washed, hung out and retrieved 2 loads of washing, remade beds with clean sheets, provided home made meals for lunch and dinner, re-organised our picnic basket with more appropriate cups and cutlery, and generally kept the household wheels turning over. Yet I haven't attended to a long list of jobs that must be done and I have spent time chatting on line and reading my novel and so guilt is trying to take my day of vacation from me.

Bah! I say to guilt. I will work with more enthusiasm tomorrow after resting today. This is a truth my being seems to have forgotten and I'm making a determined effort to reclaim it.

On a side note, the novel I'm reading is Moby Dick. Proclaimed as the greatest novel ever written by an American on its cover, I find this to be a false claim. I'm going to persevere with it, for beneath the flowery language there is a good story, but oh my, I wish Melville would just get on with it!!

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  1. I find that if I don't do something productive in my time off, I get depressed, feel the time wasted, BUT if I accomplish two or three things (or one big one!), I can relax and enjoy, feeling I've earned it. So, indeed: BAH to guilt!

    (And Moby Dick? Is one ginormous yawn. If that's the greatest American novel -- which I would strenuously deny -- they've set their standards pretty low...)