Monday, November 9, 2009

Is cyberspace really taking me into the future?

I've just been friended (there's a new fangled word) on Facebook by people I was a mad 20 something year old with. I feel as though they're from a whole other life. Certainly it was a whole other phase in my life.

Of course I accepted them as friends, and I look forward to finding out about their lives.

Yet there's part of me that wonders if I want to. It feels a little like a backward step. It's a part of my life that I left behind.

Maybe I'm afraid they'll reject me. They're pretty cool characters and ah, my life choices are different to theirs, and I'm a loooooong way from cool. I'm very comfortable with my uncoolness, yet it's funny that I'm suddenly conscious of it with these blasts from my past.

I don't really know why this worries my at all, in all likelihood we'll do our polite catching up then ignore each, so nothing will have changed.

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  1. I've been friended by people from high school -- and NOT friended by people I thought were my friends in high school. Some of the names are just that, names on my list that I can delete without pause. Others, though, have become real cyberfriends -- even better friends than we ever were as teenagers.

    I totally understand -- angst is my middle name, after all! But you may be surprised.

    Love you madly!

    -- Alicia