Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Pollyanna Day.

I know that happiness is a decision.

Today I want to decide on the side of unhappy.

I want to talk to someone who will listen to my gripes and petty grumbles. But there is no-one.

I feel totally misunderstood in my work environment. I am just not on the same wavelength and I'm sick of sucking it up. I have to accept it's me not them, but I don't want to be them. I wish I was sweet natured and let their little power plays and incompetencies just pass me by. But I am not and I'm sick of trying to be.

I want a weekend off. A night off even.


I think I'll drop Davey off to Youth Group and eat chocolate for dinner.


  1. I'll eat chocolate with you. Can we drink too?


  2. You can. I had to refrain as I had to avoid the possibility of a fine and loss of licence if I got breathtested when I went back at 9.30pm to pick Davey up.... :(