Thursday, June 18, 2009

A great name for a dog

A divorced friend of mine has recently begun a new relationship. I haven't met him, but Sharon assures me he is the nicest man she's ever met. He's been divorced for 10 years and has 2 children in their mid teens. He also owns a beautiful Alsation named Prince. (Prince isn't really the dog's name, but it will work for this blog!) Sharon asked him why he named the dog prince and his reply was that he was such a fine, strong, dog with regal bearing that he needed something appropriate. That, and his daughter wanted to name him after her favourite primary school teacher, Mr Prince who was big and strong and very caring.

Yup! My friend Sharon is going out with a man who has a dog named after my husband!

It's nice to know he's remembered by others in very real ways. It just is, ya know?


  1. Oh that's too wonderful. I'd say it bodes well for Sharon's relationship!

  2. How wonderful not only about the naming but that you were able to find out about it too! What a lovely feeling that must give you :)

    Sharon (not the Sharon from the post, lol)

  3. Wow, that is pretty cool :)